Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.34.53 AMNew Castle County, DE is committed to creating a carbon neutral community by fostering economic development, creating green job opportunities for all citizens, and enhancing environmental protections.

To meet their goals, the County is leveraging $3,746,200 of federal stimulus funds with $4,000,000 of its own capital dollars to implement this $7,746,200 efficiency and renewable energy project to upgrade county-owned facilities. Amerescoperformed audits of these county-owned facilities to assess the current energyperformance of these facilities, and to identify opportunities to renew facilityinfrastructure and reduce energy demand and costs. From these audits, a numberof conservation measures and two solar installations were identified. The totalproject will impact 20 facilities and 461,643 sq. ft. of building space. New CastleCounty (NCC) has contracted Ameresco to implement the identified energyefficiency and renewable energy upgrades to the County’s facilities. The Project Team Portal is used to ensure proposal requests (RFPs) and relatednformation are disseminated widely across the region with attention to local smallbusinesses inclusive of minority- and women-owned businesses.


All projects using stimulus funds require strict compliance with the following:

Award Criteria

Note the award criteria for each RFP totals 100 points and is allocated across the following areas. Price represents only 25% of the total evaluation criteria. A brief description of each area of evaluation is included in the RFPs.

  • Experience: 25 points
  • References: 20 points
  • MWBE Partnerships:  10 points
  • Schedule: 15 points
  • Reporting: 5 points


It is anticipated that there will be 15-20 RFPs released for different scopes of work for this project over the course of the next few months.